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Hello!  I’m Bracha.

Film producer, fundraising consultant, and creative strategist, here to help you raise your brand to the top. 

Through my work, I’ve helped my clients grow their reach to the tens of millions with large-scale marketing projects implementing effective, innovative, and content-building strategies.​

Growing up in Jerusalem, I had a passion

for visual storytelling that began the moment

I held my very first camera. This combined with an insatiable drive to help communities in need led me to nonprofit and other humanitarian projects.


I studied communication, business administration, and marketing. Most of all, I loved the power of film, marketing and storytelling.

At 19, I opened my first production company. 

During that time, I was given the opportunity to edit a film called "There are Jews in Kazakhstan", which was broadcast on Channel 1 in Israel.

In 2009, together with my husband, I accepted the position of Director at a Chabad branch in the

Ust Kamenogorsk district of Kazakhstan. Here, I expanded my work within communications. 

Leading a team of writers and translators, I published and served as the editor in chief for a monthly magazine in Russian for Jewish women called “Dlya Tebya”. In addition, my husband and I managed Jewish community life and programming for four years in Kazakhstan.

After moving to New York in 2013, I returned to my work in video production, helping organizations increase their viewership and funding by millions. My love for marketing, directing, and empowering

my team led me to partner with some of the most high-profile organizations in the Jewish world. During this time, I also co-founded a Brooklyn based film company called Flowmotion.

Which brings us to the TOP.

TOP is born from the belief that no brand or story should ever be “basic”. To be heard above the crowd means daring to do things a little differently than everyone else. I’m here as a partner, producer, and a guide, helping you bring your vision to life in full technicolor. My experience working with many leading organizations and brands over the past 18 years has given me invaluable, results-driven strategies to help you reach the top, too.

You’ve heard about me. Now, I’d like to learn more about you…

and your brand-raising goals.

The best way to get my top strategies & secrets is by emailing me directly at

You can also get on the list for my FREE TOP Tips >

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